Wellbeing for Jobseekers, An Unexplored Area?

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In today’s job market finding a job can be quite a challenge. Jobseekers have to deal with a high level of uncertainty whilst looking for their next job offer with limited wellbeing support.


Jobseekers have to deal which stigmas when they have gaps in employment or after being redundant this can hinder their confidence and motivation levels to seek employment.

After high volume job applications some candidates may not land any call-backs or interviews, this can be for various reasons such as the competitiveness of the job market, personal branding, or not effectively tailoring your CV for the ATS or hiring manager.

This process can be tough mentally for job seekers due to how long due to the duration of a job search and constant rejection.

We have created a Job Application Conversion Tracker to help job seekers be more strategic with their job search with the purpose of it being an indicator of the effectiveness of your applications sent to employers.

The Mental Health Stigma

The mental health stigma disallows jobseekers to feel comfortable to disclose and ask for adjustments during the recruitment process.

According to a City Mental Health Alliance survey, young job seekers are more inclined to apply to organisations that display transparent insight regarding their wellbeing and mental health support offered to employees.

Jobseekers have to put into consideration other pool of candidates that they are going against in the hiring process and they also do not want to feel like their mental health is a burden onto an employer that may not be as supportive.


Hashtags on social media such as #OpenToWork and #readytowork have been helpful for jobseekers seeking employment during the pandemic.

Although this has been successful in jobseekers landing new jobs, jobseekers believe there can be a still stigma attached to those seeking work in comparison to those with recent employment history or in a role employed.

Eighty-four percent said they believe there’s a stigma associated with unemployment, 67 percent believe this stigma is affecting their ability to get hired.

Unemployment Stigma? Majority of Unemployed Believe It Exists