Rebuilding After Job Rejection

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In your career, it’s inevitable that you may encounter moments where you are told “No” during a job search not going as planned.

Rebuild and reap the benefits of your planning and preparation.

It starts with rebuilding and removing self doubt from your mind.

Focus on your strengths and transferable skills that you possess.

Understand the job searching process is a process with increased automation meaning you have to align yourself and applications to these changes, this can be done with an ATS scan and an audit of your CV.

Is it Rejection or Redirection?

The reasons we are ‘rejected’ are subjective so it is important to not be too critical of yourself.

Your approach determines whether you are being redirected or rejected.

When you take the redirection approach you reflect on your situation and what you learned and build.

Do you strive for more and use the situation as fuel to prove the wrong the decision was made?


Acknowledge that it only takes that one “Yes” for the right opportunity to be presented to you when you keep applying yourself and striving for better.