Consider This When Negotiating Your Salary After A Job Offer

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Receiving a job offer after multiple applications and interview rounds can feel like your job search has been completed.

You still have to mutually agree on your salary with your new employer. Candidates can be reluctant to negotiate their salary with fears that the job offer can be retracted, see rights here.

Understand the Decision Maker

The decision-maker could be the actual interviewer or someone who you never meet unless you join the company. Although you know what value you bring to an organisation you need to convince the decision-maker that they should agree to a salary that you deem fair.

Evaluate the hiring process on the positive feedback you have received during the process. Read their non-verbal signals towards you whilst you are discussing salary are engaged or retracting.

Ensure that you are aware of your emotional intelligence whilst negotiating.

Understand the Market

Make sure you do your job market benchmarking in regards to the salary and job description for your current job or a new job.

If you are applying for an entry-level role and you do not have the relevant experience in the field still do your research on a starting salary in your field and have the job market value in mind when negotiating.

Have a salary expectation that you are happy with and believe reflects where you are in your career.

Use salary calculators such as PayScale and benchmarking tools to get an insight into salary data. This can be a salary range or specific figure both approaches can lead to the same result of a mutual agreement or further negation’s until a final decision is made.

Be strategic with your timing with divulging information pertaining to your salary. An offer from an employer can be higher than your desired salary and within budget, this can occur with a really good interview performance.

Use any leverage such as qualifications, tacit knowledge, or another job offer to your advantage. Also be prepared to walk away as if you negotiated you have to be mentally prepared to not always come to an agreement with an offer.

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