Measuring Candidate Experience Metrics

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Communication and Understanding

Job adverts are vital for attracting new talent. When implemented correctly they can save time and reduce costs within the hiring process. Vague wording and generic job descriptions deter candidates from applying for roles with job adverts lacking a personalised tailored approach that showcases personality and company culture.

Throughout the hiring process, how effective is the communication between employer and candidate?

Candidates want to be in the loop during the hiring process and effective communication does not have to be frequent. This can be seen as ‘over excessive’ in which candidates already anxious about the hiring process outcome ineffective communication can hinder a candidates experience.

Are you measuring responding to all candidates? Candidates want to be to have their time valued and after being a part of a hiring process this is important to consider. Having a reputation for ghosting candidates can be detrimental to the candidate experience and can disregard the emotional impact on job applicants.

Candidates expectations need to be met with effective communication. When candidates are ghosted after interviewing for a company this leads to frustration and disgruntled candidates can have a negative perception of your brand which could affect hiring talent.

Questions Asked

Questions that are not tailored towards candidates can lead to generic answers. Job interviews are important for the candidate to get a better understanding of the role they applied to and more important for employers to implement correctly due to decision making and selection. Questions asked should be able to bring out traits and examples of the candidate’s suitability which means that tailoring questions and having a less predictable interviewing process can improve the candidate experience. Inferential and literal questions capture different answers and behaviours from candidates.

Candidates want to be asked questions relevant to them and the role they are applying for. Good questions allow candidates to become more engaged and connect with interviewers.

Questions asked should be effective and impactful. Expected and Unexpected questions are collated in our reviewing portal to give an insight into what candidates think and feel towards questions asked towards them.

Emotional Impact

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The modern-day recruiting process is fast-paced and can disregard many human elements towards candidates such as jobseeker wellbeing. The type of communication used towards candidates can have an impact on candidates job search as they can be affected emotionally. Positive experiences and ratings usually occur when the human elements of the candidate experience regardless of the interview outcome.

We capture relevant candidate experiences with transparency on