Interview preparation before a job interview can be essential to interview success. Many employers are diverting away from the traditional and common interview styles to find the candidates that perform well. Panel Interviews consist of a group of two or more interviewers on the panel. This would typically be potential work colleagues and management. Acknowledge that each interviewer
Applying Effectively Acknowledge your CV is your personal brand and first impression of your potential employer. You may need to tailor your CV to an organisation’s requirements using keywords related to your profession. Related keywords and examples of your hard skills boost your chances of getting through ATS and then the hiring manager. You could use LinkedIn as
Ignoring red flags can be detrimental further down the line or very soon for jobseekers. Trust your instincts as if something does not feel right or makes you question things with concern this can be vital to know before joining an organisation. There is a high turnover for the position. If there happens to be the knowledge that
Racial inequalities within employment have been discussed for many years but have been met with minimal progressive change with ethnicity pay reporting in the UK. As it stands ethnicity pay reporting is not a mandatory requirement for employers in the UK but employers like PwC and Sodexo have led with voluntary publication in which this level of transparency