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How do I submit a review?

We have made writing a review on KnowGenPloy straightforward for our users!

From our homepage, you can use our company search bar to find a company you may have interviewed with.

If the company you want to add a review does not appear in search results you will get an option to add a review after seeing “Nothing found”.

You will then use the Add a review button to add a company to the website and this will direct you to the submission page to submit the review.

  • Complete all required fields
  • The unexpected interview question is an optional field
  • Rate your interview experience by choosing our rating icons
  • If applicable, rate the interview transparency by using our rating scale
  • Share your Interview experience in the field box (Maximum 2000 characters)
  • Select the Interview outcome from your interview experience
  • Agree to our community guidelines and submission terms
  • If you choose to make your review anonymous you can proofread your review and then submit a review upon completion
  • If you choose to disclose your first name you can uncheck the ‘Make my review anonymous’ box and add your name your review will show as ‘Interview Candidate’ and your first name

To ensure review submissions are within our guidelines, we review each submission before it is published on our site.