Do Not Ignore These Red Flags Whilst Job Searching…

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Ignoring red flags can be detrimental further down the line or very soon for jobseekers.

Trust your instincts as if something does not feel right or makes you question things with concern this can be vital to know before joining an organisation.

There is a high turnover for the position..

If there happens to be the knowledge that employees do not stay in the role you are applying for. This can be a red flag and this could be for various reasons.

The role could not be what was presented during the hiring process or individual preferences.

The important aspect of this the measures in place to place to retain employees and prevent this into a reputable reoccurrence. At the interview ask questions that address any potential concerns as if they are not addressed interview stage it can be too late to seek clarification.

Critical thought: Do they address this with transparency in an interview or is there an element of secrecy?

Too Much Secrecy

With ambiguity around the company, job role, and interview process can raise further questions for job searchers and disallow interview preparation and insight. Unless the job is classified and is justified in the use of secrecy. If a company is unwilling to go into details on your questions, the hiring process, and company information this can be a red flag to delve into further. During the interview how much information about the company is being shared?

Ignored Negative Press

When the negative feedback is consistent and not addressed this can also be a red flag.

Negative information surrounding a company may not provide an accurate reflection of the company but if there is a consistent negative press then this can be an indication that there could be further questions to ask at the interview stage regarding this. On the contrary, if it sounds too good to be true it may be that this can be mitigated by negative press.

Bad Candidate Experience

How candidates are treated during the hiring process can be an indicator of the company culture and if candidates are poorly treated during the interview process from the receptionist to the hiring manager.

Any dismissive and uncomfortable presence can continue to the employee experience.