Being Proactive With Inclusive Recruitment

diverse recruitment

What is Inclusive Recruitment?

Inclusive recruitment delves into building diverse teams and promoting universal equity within organisations.

This includes that organisations consist of employees of all backgrounds working together to achieve the company values and goals of diversity and inclusion.

Inclusive recruitment is more than just the exterior of having diverse talent within organisations but also stems from the internal company culture.

Proactive Inclusive Recruitment

Diversity and inclusion are more than just ‘buzzwords’ used within employment, it is now a measurement for how progressive organisations have been consistent with promoting equality and inclusion through recruiting and retaining diverse talent. 

Proactive measures in place could consist of creating new roles specifically to address diversity and inclusion internally to improve inclusion levels within the next five years with achievable metrics to measure the targets being achieved. 

With proactive measures, organisations may have ensured that their job descriptions or job adverts are inclusive and do not consciously or consciously discriminate against candidates by deterring them from mentioning any protected characteristics.

Ensuring the recruitment teams and processes have been diversified and promoting equal opportunities with inclusive language with i.e. LGBTIQ and ethnic minorities representation. With increasing levels of inclusive workforces, this can help an organisation in becoming an employer of choice attracting a wide range of candidates being associated with positive characteristics such as fairness, respect and career progression.

Reactive inclusive recruitment can occur when an organisation is criticised for a lack of diverse talent and diverse initiatives therefore may decide to look at short term solutions to deal with a prevalent problem rather than a long term solution to actively measure and improve.

Reactive inclusive measures can be deemed as ‘PR stunts’ after situations occur such as discriminatory behaviour to which leads to measures temporarily being put in place with a lack of sincerity which can be more detrimental to an employer.  An example of reactive could be a company choosing to showcase more diverse talent on their publications after a tribunal or publication of discriminatory behaviour towards candidates or employees.