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Care Avenues Interview Reviews

Anonymous Candidate

Rating: 1

Job Role

Support Worker

Interview Type

1:1 On-Site Interview

Interview Date

June 2019


Birmingham, UK

Application Process

Online Application

Application to Interview Turnaround

7 Days

Interview Experience

This was an unexpected experience. I arrived 15 minutes before my interview. On early arrival, I was asked to fill out what looked like another application form whilst I waited for the manager to finish a meeting in time for my scheduled interview. I finished the form within 10 minutes then waited patiently in the waiting area. It was quite a big office space, where the main front door led straight into the main office where the waiting area was located right next to the main door. As I waited, I noticed that 15 minutes had passed by so I asked whether the interview was going to continue. Other Support Workers had walked into the office and spoke loudly about confidential information about clients they were cared for. I found this extremely uncomfortable. 30 Minutes had passed by and one of the colleagues walked past me realising that I had not been seen yet. So he went to check if the manager had finished her meeting in her office but she had not. So he went to find another room to get the interview started. This took an additional 15 minutes. Eventually, he found a room, which I noticed was a kitchen when I walked in. Someone else led the interview which she disclosed in the interview that she was on work experience! This was a very uncomfortable experience for me.

Expected Interview Question

What work experience have I had in care?

Interview Outcome

Job Offer

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